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Profession that creates all other professions
September 4, 2019

Teaching is  a profession that creates all other professions


O My God! How deep it is.


Really a teacher is a person who makes us ready for our life. Whatever post or designation we may have but for sure the sweat of our teachers  is always working with us. I believe a good teacher is like a candle who consumes itself to enlighten the path for the students. The influence of such great teachers can never be erased. A teacher plants the seeds of knowledge in his students and waters them with love to nurture them patiently towards a fully grown tree for the future. Although he is never aware weather he will see that tree again in life or not.


Today we can google and gain so much of knowledge but we are not sure whether we’ll remember it for long or not but a lesson taught by our favorite teacher touches our soul and we still remember it. Teachers hold our hands and touch our souls. For many students in a class a teacher might be the only stable adult in the surroundings whom they may consider as their super hero without a cape. These are the best teachers who tell us where to look but don’t tell us what to see. True teachers ignite our imagination through simple techniques and teach to see the unseen and hear the unheard. They try to take us that extra mile which is not crowded.


A teacher actually presents us the past through books and reading material, reveals us the present by teaching us in the present moment and creates a future for our well being. A teacher does not expect to enjoy the fruit of the seed of knowledge he plants in his student but performs his duty to the fullest by wishing the best for the future. For he remembers that these students shall lead the world tomorrow.



You know what astronauts, doctors, engineers, physicists, musicians, actors, technologists, programmers, lawyers, writers, designers, pharmacists, scientists and all other professionals that make the world go around have one thing in common- a good teacher who gave light to their dreams and I am fortunate enough to have so many of them in my life journey.


A perfect teacher always helps the student find the important things they have lost in  the classroom like books, notebooks or pen other times it may be confidence, courage or a smile.

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