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Relaxation hasn’t been given by Corona
May 4, 2020

Relaxation has only been given by the Government. The Corona is still taking away the calmness of our lives by its wide outspread and increasing positive cases. Though the government is now declaring that they are now quite prepared with the measures to deal with the virus and many patients have recovered fully. The reality is not the same. We are a population of 138 crores and around 17.7% of the total world population. Lockdown3 has been imposed in India from 4 May 2020 with a list of regulations and relaxations. The people are out on the roads like the Corona has just disappeared. The opening of wine shops is like God coming himself to bless the people with the antidote for Corona. This seems like a joke but in lieu of the health of people, to gain high revenue, the government has decided to open the wine shops. People are seen standing in queues outside the closed wine shops also waiting for them to open holding the newspaper in their hand to show to the authorities that they have been opened.

The government and many private sector offices have been opened with less no. of staff but the roads are found jam-packed. Who the hell said that people cannot survive without salons for a few more days. The hairdresser is anyhow going to cut the hair of so many people who are standing in a queue waiting for their turn. Huge rush always increases the chances of re-using the scissors, combs, and other things without properly being sanitized and all this will definitely bring out a new level of the disease in the country.

All of us now need to understand that we have to live our lives with this virus for the coming months or a year. So, proper hygienic conditions of handwashing and sanitization are a need of the day. Proper social distancing and measures which we have been following of washing eatables with soda or vinegar and sanitizing any damn packet from the market need to be continued. Since the time to step out is essential for many due to their jobs, the need to sanitize your private vehicles and places you are going to sit and surfaces you are going to touch must be wiped by an alcoholic wipe or so. Try avoiding common pantries and cafes in offices. Wearing a mask is mandatory.

One more thing must be given a thought that why the people who are recovering from the disease are not being interviewed by the media agencies frequently. What are the reasons which are preventing their shoutouts? The relaxation by the government is to revive our shattering economy but it is not going to relax us from the viral pandemic in any way; the chances of infection are even higher, we need to adapt ourselves to live with it.


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