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May 2, 2020

Many times in life we meet people who touch our soul. This feeling is observed when we are really joyful after meeting someone. The conversation with the person or his/her presence gives a kick in our subconscious mind. We observe a change in our thoughts. We move more towards authenticity.

This something which touches us is the other soul, which anyhow is sent by this universe for some reason or the other. On the contrary, we are frustrated by some people due to negative situations around us; they influence us but don’t touch us we can say; in fact, such challenging situations come our way to test us, to test our goodness, to test the purity of our soul. Let me add on here an instance of my own life; one of our relatives with whom I don’t share a comfortable room of thoughts, once said in front of me that “Don’t hate the sinner but hate the sin”. I really liked the sentence.

Although due to some frustration or negativity in the surroundings I couldn’t mention that I liked that thought.
But when I sat in silence with my own self and allowed the thoughts to cross over my mind, I realized that the above-said sentence pierced my soul and I had a series of changed thoughts in my mind. Sometimes we don’t have a beautiful relationship with many people around the globe but still, some of their words touch us and bring about a change in our personality.

These kinds of changes in one’s inner self are possible only if you are ready to spend time with your own self,i.e., your solitude. Your solitude is your best friend if you analyze the things soulfully. I have also experienced that whenever we confront awful experiences in our lives, we become critical and judgemental; I assure you that if we avoid these thoughts of ours and substitute them with the thoughts of healing and blessings for the other person, things change. It is really a blessing for us if we learn something from a person with whom we share a not so sweet relationship. Sometimes to move forward in a relationship is a liability but still, I believe we must do effort every now and then to improve our reaction and stay tuned to our own self. Soon the things change. At least you become more and more conscious about yourself and your actions. You fully feel responsible for your actions.

People and situations are sent in front of us to test us.
Just remember the things we learn in our life are for our mindfulness.

Pray for the people and souls who touch you.
Miracles shall happen.


Deeksha Arora

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