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To sustain longevity, work for it
September 16, 2019

Your longevity and health are more determined by your ZIP code than they are by your genetic code” was once said by Tom Frieden, an American infectious disease and public health expert.


This has been proved pretty well in the Hunza Valley of Pakistan.


The Hunza Valley is situated in the remote, pristine area of Northern Pakistan. It is considered a “Blue Zone”, which is an area where people are known to live long, healthy and vibrant lives.

The Hunzas claim to be the descendants of Alexander The Great. They came into being when Alexander conquered the area.They settled in the villages there and married among themselves.

“Ageing can be fun”


Let’s check it out for Hunza’s.

Hunza is a tribe whose people live for 120-145 years. Their 60 years old women look like 30. It is very common for Hunza women to conceive children even after the age of 60.

Here, in this area the locals grow their own food and utilize fresh glacier water for drinking and bathing. They do not consume any processed foods and eat a diet rich in vegetables, milk, grains and fruits especially apricots.


The Hunza’s are said not to suffer from cancer, due to their consumption of Vitamin B-17, also known as amygdalin, found in apricot seeds. Their diet largely consists of raw fruits and vegetables with no or lesser quantities of meat.


They are physically very active and fit with clean and fresh air around them. They are known to practice yoga, including yogic breathing techniques and meditation. They understand and propagate proper stress management techniques along with reading inspirational quotes about life and believe in the idea of early to bed and early to rise.

The Hunza water is the element that sets the population apart from rest of the world. Our intelligent scientists have been working deeply on understanding the concept of the fountain of youth.


  • The water here contains negatively charged hydrogen ions. Helps in flushing out the toxins from the body.
  • Mineral colloids present in the glacier water effectively deliver nutrients to the body.
  • This water has lower surface tension hence it closely resembles the water around the cells of our body.
  • The water has increased “net charge” so the fluids are able to move between the cells, flush out toxins and absorb more water into the cells.
  • This water has high alkaline pH and help the body to neutralize the acids and reduce the risk of cancer.
  • The Hunza population isn’t just healthy, in fact these people are notoriously smart with a literacy rate of over 95% . They are very friendly and gracious.

The good news is that we can also try to create this kind of water for our benefits.



What all we need for creating Wonder Water for us?


  1. Large, clear glass pitcher or vessel with lid
  2. A glass mason with lid
  3. Chunks of Himalayan pink salt
  4. A window with lots of direct sunlight
  5. High quality, filtered drinking water
  6. A stainless steel spoon


  1. Fill the clean drinking water in the properly sterilized glass container.
  2. Keep it near the window having direct sunlight till the next day. This would help to increase the life force of water.
  3. Immerse the large sized Himalayan salt crystals in the mason jar.
  4. Fill this jar with your sun water of the previous day and set it back in the widow till the next day.
  5. Let it sit in this jar till the next day. This will allow the water to become saturated.
  6. You can remove a teaspoon of this infused water daily to a full glass of sun water and drink it empty stomach.
  7. Continue to top the jar with more sun water every day as long as you can still see the salt crystals.

So, now you have to work on two glass containers daily for your good health and longevity.

“To sustain longevity, you have to work for it.”

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